Welcome to Decibel House

The jam spot for Toronto’s discriminating musician, offering State of the Art Hourly, and Monthly Rooms. Decibel House is conveniently located and refreshingly detached from the noise and clutter of the big city.

Decibel House Rehearsal Studio was built to facilitate the musician’s need to carve and sculpt their sound without any outside distractions. A place where you can truly “Amplify Your Rehearsal” with soundproof and professionally treated rooms for optimal frequency response.

Decibel House Rooms are literally stacked with the best equipment money can buy. If our Personnel wouldn’t play it, then we would not have it in our rooms. From the cleanliness of our facility to our unsurpassable amenities, Decibel House simply stands for Quality.

Since our inception in 2008, Decibel House has established itself as the premier Rehearsal Studio in the City of Toronto.